Review for UP in Disney Digital 3D

14 10 2009

Warning, this review may contain spoilers.

Just went to see UP in 3D with my girlfriend. First thoughts are that the glasses while providing some comedic moments of themselves are rather annoying, although I thought that I did look Ronnie Barker-ish with them on. Slick.

Well, enough with the glasses and onto the movie.

The movie begun with a short clip with some clouds delivering babies to storks to take to the lucky parents. Hmmm, i thought to myself, this may cause some sort of anatomical confusion for kids in the future.. Or perhaps not if people keep dressing their 5 year old like a slapper.

Ha, I diverge.

Anyway the movie soon started. I would warn you right now, perhaps most kids don’t have the same emotional development as me (although my girlfriend would disagree), but the start (while setting up the rest of the movie) is very very sad.

Firstly the main character, a young kid at the start, meets a young girl who he shares an interest in adventure for. Montage to the future where they fall in love, get married and grow old together. He swears to her (cross your heart) that he will take her to paradise falls. Paradise falls is a place in South America where their favourite adventurer brought back monster bones from.

The movie then sets off on a whirlwind adventure across the rain forests of south america with our main character, now an old man, constantly fighting his feelings of needing to do the right thing in favour of trying to fulfill his promise to his dead wife, awwwww.

The movie comes full circle when he finds a message left from his wife that says he should move on, he then stops fighting his will and forgets about paradise falls. He goes on to finish the movie with a fairytale ending.

Overall, I would give this movie a 8. Really really good, just not quite there, i think a 7 for the 2D version.

Not any particular bad points, although I did feel there was something wrong.

If you have any ideas on what that could be then add a comment