Review for UP in Disney Digital 3D

14 10 2009

Warning, this review may contain spoilers.

Just went to see UP in 3D with my girlfriend. First thoughts are that the glasses while providing some comedic moments of themselves are rather annoying, although I thought that I did look Ronnie Barker-ish with them on. Slick.

Well, enough with the glasses and onto the movie.

The movie begun with a short clip with some clouds delivering babies to storks to take to the lucky parents. Hmmm, i thought to myself, this may cause some sort of anatomical confusion for kids in the future.. Or perhaps not if people keep dressing their 5 year old like a slapper.

Ha, I diverge.

Anyway the movie soon started. I would warn you right now, perhaps most kids don’t have the same emotional development as me (although my girlfriend would disagree), but the start (while setting up the rest of the movie) is very very sad.

Firstly the main character, a young kid at the start, meets a young girl who he shares an interest in adventure for. Montage to the future where they fall in love, get married and grow old together. He swears to her (cross your heart) that he will take her to paradise falls. Paradise falls is a place in South America where their favourite adventurer brought back monster bones from.

The movie then sets off on a whirlwind adventure across the rain forests of south america with our main character, now an old man, constantly fighting his feelings of needing to do the right thing in favour of trying to fulfill his promise to his dead wife, awwwww.

The movie comes full circle when he finds a message left from his wife that says he should move on, he then stops fighting his will and forgets about paradise falls. He goes on to finish the movie with a fairytale ending.

Overall, I would give this movie a 8. Really really good, just not quite there, i think a 7 for the 2D version.

Not any particular bad points, although I did feel there was something wrong.

If you have any ideas on what that could be then add a comment


MMMM… Politics (I Heart Sarah Palin) (But not her politics)

15 09 2008

It’s definitely not her politics, her stance on abortion, her sometimes redneck (lol) comments on guns etc.

(Well she is a Republican)


Why is Sarah Palin so hot?

I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of the glasses, formal clothes and attitude.

Let me know what you think.

I think its the whole Tony Soprano fixation with his psychologist, “you cover yourself up with those suits but you can tell that underneath you’ve got a rockin’ body”.

And now for most the men, and some the women ūüôā –

Mmmmm... Tasty

Mmmmm... Tasty

The Democrats and doomed to fail when there equivalent is Hilary Clinton AKA Dusty Snatch.

The new Macbook Air. My first thoughts.

20 01 2008

Macbook Air

So it’s that time of the year again, macworld has just finished and the onslaught of new apple product reviews will ensue, grabbing some completely unearned reads comments and traffic for blogs … …
And I will be no different.
So I’ll start on looks. Well, what can I say. I didn’t think that they could improve on the macbook/pro design, but they have. I think the very thin form of the machine makes it very sleek, I also like that they kept the simplicity that the macbook has. And the black keyboard sets everything off nicely.¬†
Macbook Air Elevation 

Now onto features. 
Both laptops come with multi-touch. Multi touch is the same way the iPhone is controlled and has been given critical acclaim. 
Basic spec. is 1.6GHz core 2 duo and 2Gb memory with a 80Gb hard drive.
Ok, so for £1200 you could get way, way more.
The top end version gives you a 1.8GHz core 2 duo with 2 Gb of memory and a 64Gb solid state hard drive for £2028.
So, again the mantra is “wheres the money going?”.
Well. I have to say that whether this new computer is a bit rubbish and overpriced depends on the way you look at it.
I suppose they’ll be loads of people thinking those exact things. And I hear sony has been doing exactly this.
But you need to look at the way I see it (self involve much? . . . well, Yes).
The macbook air isn’t really a marketing laptop, designed to make money for the company. It seems more to me to be a push forward in development and technology.
After the macbook air it seems unreasonable for a laptop maker to make anything even close to the size they make right now. It would also be reasonable to assume that more laptops will become available with SSHD’s making accessing files and copying and moving large files alot faster than current disc based drives.¬†
Another way to look at  it is in about a year to 2 years time most other affordable laptops will have features like this and will be around this size.

Sony Ericsson K850i Review

29 12 2007

Watch the video review here.

Just got this on contract with T-Mobile. And I must say bravo to T-mobile for getting the phone to me so fast, I just ordered it yesterday and the person I ordered it with said it could take to monday for it to come.k850i First impressions are that it looks pretty nice. The way it lights up is excellent and it has a nice big crisp and clear screen. My first negative is that the buttons are a bit small and fiddly but usable. Second bad point is the 3 touch screen buttons on the bottom of the screen. I don’t know why they made them touch screen . There a bit unresponsive and a bit fiddly aswell.One of the best things about this phone is the camera. 5megapixel is pretty good especially as far as phones go. Below is a link to a picture I took of my dog (Trip), as you can see the quality is really good.


My last 4 phones have been SE’s and they’ve all been very good, thats why I went for this one. On the new one they have changed about the media player and made it look alot sleeker.

Overall I would give it 8/1oThe only reason I took 2 points off it is because of the fiddly bits. The rest is absolutely excellent and the camera is quite possibly the best one out for phones.

K850i Angles

I Am Legend Movie Review

23 12 2007

Before you read this review you should know that it may contain spoilers, or not as the case may be as I am Legend is garbage.

Well, before seeing this film I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was a remake (of sorts) of Omega Man. (Which is one of my favourite Charlton Heston films and I might order it right now hmm.. ūüôā ) Although after seeing it I wish they hadn’t bothered.

The movie starts with Smith hunting some CGI deer, OMG!, why do the deer look so shit! Followed by another scene with some lions, again the same train of thought prevailed. Followed by the introduction of the ‘zombies’. I don’t know why they didn’t use actors for these guys as this cgi was also shit! Blade 2 proved that zombie/vampire creatures can look really good (although some of the acting in that movie was at best mediocre). I think they should have probably gone with prosthetics instead, or an actually good cgi company I am Legend Zombie Blade effects

From there on in I don’t think at any point did I think it was Smith’s best performance and did not strike the kind of emotions it could have.I think that the best bit of the movie is when Smith starts to go a bit mental and loses his best friend (dog).At the end of the day this genre has been well over done and I think that this movie could have been a bit more different from the rest. As I mentioned above I also think the effects were exceptionally shoddy and the person who created them needs to get some serious spectalage on.

Overall I would give it 4/10 and thats even a bit generous.In no way whatsoever does this deserve the no.1 revenue intake for first week sales, but then again neither did the return of the king. I think that if your going to the cinema over the holidays then Beowolf, American Gangster and The Golden Compass will all be better choices, so … you have been warned

What the video review here

I am legend

Are you looking for a Wii? (plus iPhones)

19 12 2007

Are you one of the many people experiencing the same debacle that the buzz lightyear toy cause a couple of years ago, well according to BBC news website the best place to get your Wii is Amazon France –¬†¬†Apparently¬†the Frenchies haven’t liked the motion sensor, but it’s all good for us as now theres some excess stock there and if you order it now you could get in in 3 to 5 days, a risk, I know but it’s better than nothing. And if your really desperate you could always drive over and pick it up.

Determined parents start your motors!

Also Apple’s¬†iphone seems to be a pretty popular thing right now. I found out that if you don’t want to get it with a contract you can get it from Tmobile (Germany) or Orange (Frenchies again) for about 450 to 800 euros ¬†(depending on who you go with) completely unlocked.¬†

Apple Iphone 



17 12 2007

Heres a random thought for you, why do environmentalists¬†support the use of renewables then when then government draws up a plan to put wind farms along the coastline they say “NO!, because they kill birds?”

Personally I couldn’t care less whether a couple of seagulls get smashed by giant windmill blades, if your that stupid to fly through one (damn thrill seeking gulls) then you deserve to die, survival of the fittest and all that snash.

And where exactly would they put the windfarms where there are no stupid birds? I think they could use one of those remote islands that humans have never lived on, I saw a programme once that showed these advanced evolved birds twiddling tools from sticks to catch food and the like. They would be like “F@$k that shit, damn seagull got owned!”

But then the environmentalists would probably get pissed about ruining the landscape. And if they¬†camouflaged the windmills then you’d bet there’d be more dead birds.