I Am Legend Movie Review

23 12 2007

Before you read this review you should know that it may contain spoilers, or not as the case may be as I am Legend is garbage.

Well, before seeing this film I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was a remake (of sorts) of Omega Man. (Which is one of my favourite Charlton Heston films and I might order it right now hmm.. 🙂 ) Although after seeing it I wish they hadn’t bothered.

The movie starts with Smith hunting some CGI deer, OMG!, why do the deer look so shit! Followed by another scene with some lions, again the same train of thought prevailed. Followed by the introduction of the ‘zombies’. I don’t know why they didn’t use actors for these guys as this cgi was also shit! Blade 2 proved that zombie/vampire creatures can look really good (although some of the acting in that movie was at best mediocre). I think they should have probably gone with prosthetics instead, or an actually good cgi company I am Legend Zombie Blade effects

From there on in I don’t think at any point did I think it was Smith’s best performance and did not strike the kind of emotions it could have.I think that the best bit of the movie is when Smith starts to go a bit mental and loses his best friend (dog).At the end of the day this genre has been well over done and I think that this movie could have been a bit more different from the rest. As I mentioned above I also think the effects were exceptionally shoddy and the person who created them needs to get some serious spectalage on.

Overall I would give it 4/10 and thats even a bit generous.In no way whatsoever does this deserve the no.1 revenue intake for first week sales, but then again neither did the return of the king. I think that if your going to the cinema over the holidays then Beowolf, American Gangster and The Golden Compass will all be better choices, so … you have been warned

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I am legend




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24 12 2007

i saw thi movie in india. according to me very silent, smooth horror movie little bore as well. overall not a bad movie. good value for the money. in india this movie ran in theaters only one week.

27 12 2007


I Am Legend is a legendary film – no one will ever forget how shit it is.

I saw more action in the 10 second trailer than the actual film.

It is a slow, pointless movie – a waste of money and 2 hours of anyone’s life.

I have to give 10/10 for the marketing and 0/10 for the film.

I have seen better graphics & effects on Playstation 1 games.

The storyline was absolutely poor – the jokes were poor.

This is what the film was about:

Will Smith and his dog searching for deers and listening to Bob Marley for half an hour. Will Smith making a couple of dry jokes that weren’t funny.

The dog dies, will smith tries to kill himself (because he also lost his family, and his dog was his last friend) then a spanish chick saves him.

The spanish chick saves him, makes him some breakfast it gets dark the zombies try and kill them.

There were so many zombies will smith used a grenade and killed himself.
spanish chick escapes with a cure to the zombie virus and saves mankind.

will smith is legend because he created the cure.


13 01 2008
Jon Banana

Disappointing is the word that comes to mind about this film. Hollywood has a habit of dishing out special effects from a PC lab rather than sitting down and thinking about good script writing.

It is one that “Could have been good” but was not.

Too much emphasis on Wil Smith and nothing else.

This movie is bad for Wil Smith, it puts him in the same row of actors such as Steven Segal, Silvester Stalone for an egocentric, look at me in every frame, this is very boring to watch catergory.

I really like Wil Smith, but this was disappointing. Let’s hope he picks a better movie to make next time. He always has to have some hiphop, rap or reggae in his moives, a bit like Nicolas Cage and John Travolta having to have a cigarette in their mouths.

Yes, agreed with the other reviews, this was a waste of time. And also, why why why do they always have to destroy New York? Is it cheaper for Holleywod to constantly destroy New York? or LA?

I have this theory that it is cheaper for them to destroy New York no matter what type of movie it is, and that is that Hollywood’s special effects team has several extensive 3D rendered computer models they constantly re use from Alien movies, to asteroids, volcanoes, big tsunamis, and everything else that destroys the world starts in New York.

Silly Wil, if he was smart, he should have jumped into one of the military planes left behind and did some back packing to find other survivors.

Very dumb, very poor. Movies should be treated like any other consumer product on our retail market.

If it is not the whole thing as stated on the trailers, then they should offer “MONEY BACK” for the pricey tickets.

If you buy a shirt that does not fit, you can take it back for a refund.

If they adopted a “Money back if unsatisfied” approach to movies, then perhaps we’ll see the quality of movie makers, actors and script writing improve.

Jon Banana

17 01 2008
bonnie hunt helen

bonnie hunt helen

Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

26 06 2008

this movie was great! I don’t know why everybody has been so dissapointed. The special effects were great,and I could feel the pain Robert Neville (Will Smith) was feeling. I Loved it and I give a big thumbs up!

13 07 2008

The Zombies were originally going to be acted. But someone said that people couldn’t breathe like they were hiperventilating AND constently be sprinting around. Said that they would eventually faint or something and was really not good for the body. So the resorted to CGI. Although i saw the movie once i could have sworn that the captured girl zombie was acted.

13 07 2008

Also he had to stay in New York. Its where the disease was the most potent. I mean it IS where the disease was released. And he needed to find a cure so if he was somewhere else where the disease was less effective, than finding a cure that would only cure a weak version of the virus would be kinda useless against the really deal.

Besides Jon Banana, Every country that makes an apocalypse movie sets it in their largest city. Japanese movies do it in Tokyo, British movies do it in London, etc. And we do it in either New York or LA or Chicago. So cut the movie some slack.

24 07 2008

I thoght it was quite good not as good as cloverfield but not bad, i mean what you say is true you know lame jokes and stuff but come on it wasnt shit

24 07 2008

sorry thought

8 01 2009

you are my friends

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

15 11 2009

why did you guys think it sucked? everyone i have ever talked to in person loved it. the only thing they didn’t like, ironically, was the part where the dog died.

9/10 for me

15 11 2009

and the return of the king was one of the most epic movies of all the time

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