Pop Art

30 11 2007

Some of my favourite pics from the web this week – Instantjeus in spaceCircleTwat Read the rest of this entry »


Eclectic Music – (Go Malcolm)

30 11 2007

Recently I have been on the receiving end of some (well i think) completely unjustified abuse. This is all because I have a somewhat ‘eclectic’ music taste. I’m not big on the whole pop thing and probably never will be. I suppose I like some songs that are considered pop right now (klaxons, the view), but it will pass and some X-factor, manufactured, plastic pop shit will take over.My favourite songs would probably be a couple of pages long and the major players would be Pearl Jam, Nirvana (unplugged ofcourse), Black rebel motorcycle club, bob dylan, blues brothers soundtrack (roah high!!!!)… Anyway,  my music taste seemed to be completely justified when I read the newspaper yesterday.It read that Malcolm Middleton, formerly of Arab Strap, is releasing a Christmas  single – Were all going to die.Catchy title, yes. Catchy lyrics (click the link above to listen to it), Yes. I can see this going all the way and I think everyone needs to get behind him, if only just to get rid of “Cowell’s Christmas Money Maker”Viva la Revolution  !Read, comment, link! Malcolm Middleton 

Macbook Review

30 11 2007

OK, so I picked up my macbook yesterday around lunch time while I was at college.First impressions were that it looked pretty god damn good, I’m sure alot of people would agree, although my friend from college was less impressed and called it tacky (haha, tacky is the silver p.c. laptops with moulded waves on the casing that do nothing, tacky is the cheese grater vents that compliment the moulded waves!).So, I couldn’t wait till I got home to start my mac up so headed to the nearest costa, my caffeine cravings were also getting pretty unbearable so this seem to be the preference over the classroom. Soon after collecting my latte and nearly wrecking my macbook with spilled coffee walking down quite possibly the skinniest stairs I have seen in my life I pushed the button. The macbook sprung to life saying hello in many irrelevant languages, very nice I thought but I only speak english and a little german I remember from high school (mostly the sweary words, I’m so immature). This is my first criticism for macs, it’s that they come with all this extra language nonsense. The language pre-loaded should be the majority language for the country it sells in, this wouldn’t affect the fact that a disc could be provided if other languages were needed. Instead of this my brother pointed out a nice piece of software called monoligual which then removes unwanted languages. I removed everything except for all the english sub sections (USA, UK, Australia etc.) and managed to free up just over 3Gb of space. This might not seem like alot but when your hard drive started at 80 and you have over 40Gb of files to transfer you noticed the difference.Anyway, I don’t necessarily think that this is a major flaw and ignoring this I have yet to find anything wrong with the computer.The things like – It comes ready-installed with lots of good software (iLife, photobooth, iCal, itunes etc)It was very easy to configure, the computer asked me a bunch of questions at the start which took about 5 mins to complete and since then there hasn’t really been anything elseIt was very easy to transfer files, I would suggest that anyone moving to a mac from a pc listens very closely. You cannot connect a pc with a mac just by ethernet like has been suggested on many websites. The mac will recognize any shared folders but it would take ages (35 days apparently in my case). You should get a router and plug both the mac and pc into it through ethernet and then use the shared folders to transfer the files it only took me half an hour to move about 30Gb all at once. One of the things I noticed here was that the mac recognized the pc but the pc could not recognize the mac maybe windows has something against mac :pThe built in i-sight camera is a really cool feature which really helps as it means I dont have to carry a webcam about with me and is always ready, no need for cables or installing drivers etc.I know that even alot of mac users will disagree with me here but I really like the keyboard. It’s just right, it’s pretty quiet but is still responsive. I heard some people were complaining about the keys being spaced apart too much but I haven’t had a problem at al, except that the @ is in a different position (think usa style).So overall a really good computer, room for improvement with the whole pre-loaded languages and some unuseful software but thats about it. I will report back on this in about a month and write about whether I had any problems or not. 


Mac Vs. PC

28 11 2007

Oh yes, this old chestnut.

I think that alot of people are pretty bored of this discussion, more than likely something to do with the hundreds of thousands of one sided biased views posted about it.

So you may be asking why I would ever even contemplate revisiting this. Well, tomorrow I will be picking up my first Mac. A 13.3″ macbook with 1GB RAM and a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo (Basic model).

I know that I like the design and unless your into the whole garish neons and gaudy case designs thing I know you probably do aswell. Well, maybe

I just looked back over that sentence and realized that maybe it leans over the biased lines in favour of the mac. Exactly the sort of thing I’m totally against. I guess that’s what I’m getting at here.

Whether you like mac or PC your view is going to be pretty one sided, just due to the fact that everyone is an individual and has individual needs for there computer.

I like making blogs, videos, websites, photo editing etc. and although PC’s offer some of the best software for doing this (Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Dreamweaver etc.) its all very expensive and requires an extensive knowledge of the software package to produce the sort of thing that comes free with mac (iLife) and is alot faster to produce in mac. Countering, the PC software in question is much more extensive. Although to counter this there are lots of other, extensive software packages (arpeture, final cut etc.) available for mac, also at an extra cost.

So basically were back where we started there.

Some people think that because nearly all the features of macs and pc’s follow the argument above, where none is actually retrospectively better than the other, that pc’s must be better due to them costing less.

In my experience, this is just untrue.

If you look at a dell with the same spec as the mac it costs £698.98 for a Inspiron 1520 with a core 2 duo 2 Ghz with 1GB of RAM. The mac costs £700 and you can claim a discount of about£45 if your a student.

So once again the scales are equal.

I think we can determine that if your going to add up pros and cons on the mac vs. pc argument its going to be a pretty close call.

In the end it comes down to user preference. Afterall, who cares if one is better than the other, as long as it is better for you.


Macbook review coming tomorrow!


23 11 2007

It would appear that 2 Cd’s have the power to invoke selective memory loss in a major section of the British population.

I was just reading the the BBC news websites article on the CD scandal (I’m sure I don’t have to explain but just in-case, click here). It says

“A Populus poll for The Times suggests those backing Labour’s ability to handle economic problems has been more than halved to 28%, with just a quarter deeming Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s administration “competent and capable”. “


“A YouGov poll for Channel 4 News gives the Conservatives a nine-point overall lead, its strongest position for 15 years, just weeks after Labour enjoyed an 11-point advantage in the same poll. “


Have people just forgot how completely horribly and disgracefully (alot of ly’s) the conservatives handled the UK economy on multiple occasions. Margaret Thachter has basically become a dirty word!

Not implying that the Labour government in power aren’t completely incompetent as-well. They both are, and I get the feeling that the Liberal Democrats would be similar, although I can’t make judgment as they haven’t had a proper go yet.

I feel that as long as there are only a few options on the ballet form, the country will not progress. We seem to be locked in the never-ending cycle of Labour -> Conservative -> Labour etc. etc. Forgetting the opposition parties past flaws in the process of hounding out the one in power.

I believe that the only way to solve this would be an option on the form for none of the above. This would alert politicians to the general disillusionment of the Brittish people to there absolute nonsense policy lies and bravado which plagues current politics.

Why won’t politicians just tell the truth?

If they did everyone wouldn’t be up in arms when they don’t deliver, mainly because if they told the truth there policies wouldn’t include so much far fetched ideas.

It would probably sound something like –

We will upgrade all needing schools within the country, within the next 75 to 100 years

We will upgrade and improve the NHS, this will take between 25 and 30 years.

We won’t cut taxes, we will just shimmy it around a bit every year, this will mean that one year you may be well off but the next you won’t. It will all work out the same anyway.

P.s. we might increase taxes a wee bit.

Lets just face it Britain.

Our problems are not fixed overnight, so why do we expect our politicians to do exactly that.

I’m not saying that it’s our fault for holding our politicians on such high pedistals, because in the end it’s up to them whether they lie or not. I’m saying that the next time you vote, look for the politician with the most down to Earth, smart and implementable ideas.

Big Gordie

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Todays Rant

21 11 2007

Ok, so a couple of things annoyed me today.

The first being that I had to get up at 6am to start work early, but hey, thats life I suppose and it’s not like it was for nothing. (Overtime 🙂 )

The second happened almost simultaneously with the first, being that I always put GMTV on when I get up and watch while I get my morning cup of coffee. I’ve never really known why I watch it as I always end up shouting at the TV because of some totally biased, London-centric, Nu-Labour bullshit report they end up broadcasting.

Anyway, the report that got me going this morning was one on binge drinking teenagers. Not that I condone binge drinking or especially disagreed with the report in pinciple, it was just the way that they presented it.

They were talking about teenage binge drinkers and the video was showing 20somethings leaving a nightclub (more orderly than most I’ve seen). Then they cut to a ‘reporter in the field’ standing outside an ASDA with ten pounds in hand, she was to go in and come out with as much drink as possible. She walks out exclaiming “The trolley is almost full” the cue for the cameraman to pan down  to the trolley. I almost spat my coffee over the TV when I seen the tiny basket on wheels she claimed to be a trolley. And it doesnt stop there. She then points to the 24 cans of beer, 2 bottles of cider and 2 bottles of wine, hardly a trolley full! I looked into this purchase and to my utter amazment, excuse the sarcasm, there are no 24 packs of beer on the ASDA website for under a tenner let alone with the extra purchases. I also suspect that if there was it would be an extremely low alcohol content.

All this at a time when GMTV are all so happy to report on brodcasters being fined for misleading the public and are just out of a case of being fined themselves.